Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Days Of Jupiter – New Awakening (CD)

I really loved Days Of Jupiter’s 2012 debut “Secrets Brought To Life”, while the follow-up “Only Ashes Remain” didn’t impress as much, however, this one I was looking forward to. The band plays modern melodic hard rock/metal, and as long as the riffs, songs and vocals are there, I’m all for it. I really like bands like Alter Bridge, Sevendust and Shinedown, so no prejudice from me. The album starts with the melodic and heavy riffing “We Will Never Die” which actually does remind me a bit of Shinedown. “I Am Stone” is a bit different in its style and approach, a bit busier and not predictable at all. A killer track with really cool twists and turns. This one really gets the band back into the ball game! “Wasted Years” kicks major butt! Damn, those crushing riffs combined with Janne Hilli’s awesome melodic vocals! They definitely give their Swedish main competitors’ Corroded a run for their money! “You Can’t Erase Me” is a cool, powerful ballad. “Awakening” starts off sounding a bit similar to Sevendust with a crushing staccato riff and bulldozer drums, but the boys take it to a place of their own. Awesome track! The next track has one of those annoying spelling mistakes I bet they went “duuuuh” when they saw. The sleeve says, “If I Wear God”, while the booklet correctly states “If I Were God” – whatever, the track speaks for itself. I just have to mention “Insane”, which is another well-aimed kick in the groin! Love it! Highly recommended!
Janne Stark
Year: 2017
Label: Metalville

Country: Sweden

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