Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hot Ham & Cheese - The Onions Have Eyes (CDr pro)

Even though the band name is almost as silly as the album title, the music actually kicks ass. The album starts off with the pretty straight ahead and powerful ”Scorpion’s Dilemma”, followed by ”Drones”, which is almost a bit progressive in its build-up, blending some Faith No More elements into the mix. Killer guitar playing from Charlie, who also provides some really great vocals sounding a bit like a mix of Mike Patton and Ty Tabor. ”Worth it or Worthless” is a heavy, crunchy bulldozer rocker, a bit like mixing Monster Magnet and Clutch. ”Onions” is a weird one, heavy yet a bit messy with slightly un-melodic Ozzy:ish vocals. Things are about to get even weirder when the band spits out punk rocker ”12-step Billy”, which makes little sense. ”Fo Lig” steers the wagon back on track with its stonerish funk attitude. I like it! ”Living in the Gutter” moves into Red Hot Chilli Peppers meet Rage Against The Machine territory with its funk o metal rap style, while the acoustic ”Whitetail” throws a total curveball. A nice ballad. Ok, Neil Young’s ”Rockin’ in the Free World” may not be a bad song, but for an album I would have chosen a slightly more interesting and exciting cover (I admit, I don’t even like it with Neil Young), or I would at least do something exciting with it. A bit off a turn-off on a really good and interesting album. Will definitely check out their previous stuff!
Janne Stark
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Label: Jib Machine Records

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