Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Devil In California - This Is Not For You (5 track CD EP)

After an outstanding debut album, which made you wonder if and how these American heavy southern rockers would be able to follow it up, they are back again. The band’s new 5-track EP ”This Is Not For You” proves these boys sure have more goodies of the same style, sound and quality to offer. Actually, it’s four tracks and a short spoken intro. After the intro, ”Push It Along” kicks off with some wah-guitar, leading into a heavy, groovy, riff rocker. They remind me a bit of Black Water Rising (who unfortunately haven’t managed to maintain the magic of their debut). ”As The Crow Flies” starts off with a short slide intro, then immediately kicks into groove mode. Heavy, chunky and relentless, with a short soft interlude, where singer Anthony Malson stretches his vocals a bit more than he usually does, before the chorus kicks in. Killer stuff indeed! ”Elsewhere” keeps the groove going with the precision of an old steam locomotive, with an added bluesy touch. The EP finishes, way too soon, with ”The Storm”, which starts out quite soft and unpredictable, until the band kicks in high gear, but only for a short moment. I really love the dry and in-your-face mix, where it sounds like the guitar is right next to you. Quite a different track, quite ambient, with a mix of soft and heavy parts weaving into each other. My only complaint would be that it starts out like there will be a great, bluesy guitar solo, but after just a few starting licks it ends. All in all a kick-ass EP, that gives me great hope for a new full length album. If you’re into bands like Black Water Rising, (early) Texas Hippie Coalition, Preacher Stone etc, check the out!!
Janne Stark
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Label: self-released

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