Monday, 18 April 2011

ADRIAN ENGLISH - Innerplanetarium (CD)

To tell you truth I wasn’t a big fan of US shredder Adrian English’s debut album. It was shred, ok, well over the top, but it felt very stiff and sterile. I’m happy to say with English’s second Shredguy Records release I have been converted and convinced. This album shows a totally different musical delivery. This time with a great bass player and drummer in Ryan Morrow and Chas Chantrell. This time it also feels it’s more about the songs than just the over-the-top shredding. There’s a nice diversity in the song material with some really cool grooves and riffing going on. English has also put some more time and effort into playing for the song. One of the cooler tracks is 10 Ways where there’s a lot happening in the background riffing. Adrian does shred, and he shreds a lot, but he never really overdoes it this time. He does cool down a bit and throw in cool melodies, which I really like. There are songs that really really hit home with me such as the cool Paranormally and the ballady Velvet Rain where Adrian at least tries to restrain himself (and does pretty well, adding some nice harmony work to the mix). Harmony Creek is another slow ballad where the melodies rule for the most part. He really shows he does have a nice sensitive side to his playing. Nice tone, great playing and an overall really great song. Album closer Closure shows another side as well, where Adrian brings out the acoustic and shows he does his thing also in this context. All in all a really great album, which shows a guitarist that has taken a huge leap since the first album. Well done, indeed!! Janne Stark
Label: Shredguy Records

Year: 2011

Country: USA

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