Tuesday, 19 April 2011

MOJOBONE - Crossroad Messages & Tales From The Bone (2CD)

If you were only allowed to buy one CD (and it could be a double pack) I would definitely recommend Mojobone Crossroad Message & Tales From The Bone! This is as phat as it gets! Here you will find the rare 2007 Japan-only release Crossroad Message and the 1999 vinyl only 10” rarity Tales From The Bone. Two records that are essential in the collection of every fan of heavy, low down and dirty riff based seventies influenced groovy hard rock. On top of this you’ll get another eleven tracks, one previously unreleased track and ten demo tracks, some of which were never released. I tell you, this is one hell of a double pack! Founder Per Wiberg was also, up until recently, found in Opeth which may not show here. He is however also part of Spiritual Beggars, which makes more musical sense. Besides Per, Mojobone consists of guitarist Per Mårtensson and drummer Eiron Johansson. On Tales the bass work was handled by Christer Malmesjö, while Crossroads featured Markus Aldén. Mojobone sometimes makes me think of Clutch, but with more variation. I do like Clutch, but Mojobone simply has better songs and a better variety in the song material. Besides being a great keyboard player Per is also a great singer. He has a pretty clean voice for the genre, but I really like that contrast, plus he does let out the occasional roar when it fits. I did have both releases before and I’m of course a big fan of their new album Cowboy Mode. However, as Tales was a vinyl only release, plus some of the tracks we’ve earlier missed out on, such as Burned Out, prove to be in the same high class as the rest of the material – order it immediately. This is one release you don’t want to miss out on!
Janne Stark
Label: Hippodrome Music
Year: 2010
Country: Sweden
Link: www.hippodromemusic.com <

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