Friday, 1 July 2011

GORDON FIGHTS - Gordon Fights (CD)

The album starts off with a slight nod to Black Sabbath’s “Warpigs” in the drum intro but then takes it in an entirely different direction, to suddenly slow the tempo down and get into a heavy riff, which then smoothes out and we are lead into a really soft, almost 60s influenced verse. The song then goes back and forth between heavy 70s riffs and smooth 60s psychedelica with some cool backwards guitars. Interesting indeed! Funnily enough the subsequent track, "Birds & Flowers", starts off very close to AC/DCs “Have A Drink On Me”, but like the the first track these guys are just pulling our legs (or ears) and we head off elsewhere. Here they go all boogie instead. Here they actually remind me a bit of The Hellacopters at times, in a good way. “Dance Quite Well” has some really killer southern style bluesy riffing going on and draws my mind to bands like Preacher Stone, Cry Of Love or Lynyrd Skynyrd in their heavier moments. A killer track indeed. This is a pretty versatile album in all its simplicity, I must say. The sound is quite clean, but still really heavy and with great dynamics. These guys sometimes sounds like they were at their height way back even before they were born. Very authentic indeed and I really like it! Singer Viktor Balkewitsch Persson has a cool voice, quite clean but still a bit gritty when he needs to. A prefect fit for the music. I think this will definitely attract fans of bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft etc as well. Back to the songs, Gordon Fights also do a really killer, southern acoustic porch style blues in “Brothers And Sisters” with some great female gospel style backing vocals giving it an even more authentic feel. I tell you, when these boys bring out guns like “No Rope Around Me” it’s damn well impossible to sit still. These guys rock and they groove! With a capital G! After having let this platter spin a few times I tell you, there’s not one single weak track on this album! It’s all a perfect match, the music, the songs, the sound, the vocals and the musicians. Together with the new The Quill album, they are at the top of my “Best Of The Month” list. I just can’t make any sense of the name,  but that’s another story.
Janne Stark

Label: Transubstans
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011

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