Monday, 18 July 2011

TWINS CREW - Judgement Night (CD)

Swedish melodic power metal band Twins Crew (featuring twins David and Dennis Janglöv on guitars) have previously released two EPs in 2008 and 2009. Both releases have been quite promising, however slightly lacking in production. Now the band has taken it to the next step by releasing a full album in a digipack with really nice artwork. The band has also taken it to the next step when it comes to both production and music. The previous releases were really good, but already in the opener Eternal Nights the buys show they mean business. This track is more in the vein of vintage Queensryche. This is also the first time I’ve really noticed what an awesome singer Andreas Larsson is. He has a bit of Geoff Tate in the higher register, but a lot more power in the lower ones, more in the vein of Russell Allen. The guitar work is also more well-composed and feels like it has elevated to a new level. Furthermore, the song material has also been taken to a whole new level. The previous more traditional power metal has changed more into slightly progressive heavy metal with a powerful touch, a bit like Nevermore or Iced Earth (but better) mixed with vintage Queensryche and with a tad Maiden:esque riffing and some Helloweenian melodies here and there. One track, Light, however take it in a different direction, pushing the pedal to the metal and sounds very much like Dragonforce. This is the stuff I don’t really enjoy, to be honest. It’s melodic and all, but I’m not really into this type of speed-twiddle-sing-along stuff. Impressive guitar-playing, though, I must admit. The songs are well-arranged and the production, by Nicko DiMarino and the band, is really good. Definitely an album well worth checking out for fans of melodic heavy metal.

Janne Stark
Label: self released
Year: 2011
Country: Sweden

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