Thursday, 7 July 2011

THE QUILL - Full Circle (CD digi)

Holy crap! The Quill is back, and they are BACK with a vengeance with a capital V! I’ve always been a fan, but when things were all changing in the line-up and my favourite singer Magnus left the ranks I was a bit worried. Well, I needn’t be. Magnus Ekwall was replaced by Magnus (Arnar) and this guy sure fills his predecessor’s shoes to the fullest. Arnar has previously recorded with heavy rockers Ground Mower, where he did a great job, as well. He actually has some vocal overtones which reminds me of the band’s previous frontman. He does however put his own stamp on it, and that’s good. So, songs then? Well, some of the stuff on this album, the title track being one prime example, is among the strongest I’ve heard the band produce ever! Period! Crap, there are riffs that give me a mental hard-on here! The current line-up features Arnar on vocals, Christian Carlsson on guitar, Jolle Atlagic on drums and new bass player Rob Triches, who also does a great job laying down some killer heavy bass riffs! The album was produced by the band and Petter Diamant and the sound is really killer! Heavy, fat and organic - me like! In some moments I hear stuff that reminds me of Grand Magus in their best moments, which I haven’t heard before, and that’s not a bad thing. Conny Bloom (Jolle’s formed Hanoi Rocks colleague and Electric Boys' frontman) guests on some citar in “Black Star”, another really cool rocker. These boys sure have swagger and groove as well, where “Bring It On” is one helluva groover. This album has tons of great riffs, stuff that may not be a reinvention of the wheel, but they work and nothing feels like rehashing of old stuff, but they are fresh in a cool retro-way. No, I haven’t been smoking herbs, I promise! I’ve been looking, but I can’t find one single weak track on this album. A killer! Highly recommended!

Janne Stark
Label: Metalville
Year: 2011
Country: Sweden

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  1. Can't do anything else than just agree! So great that they are back, and with such great material too!!!

    There is hope for a Rocking Summer..:-)


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