Wednesday, 5 March 2014

COLORSTONE - Steam (CD digi)

Hailing from Malmö, southern Sweden, this bunch released their excellent debut in 2011. The members are no beginners, which shows on the musical and vocal delivery. Singer Johan Dahlström once fronted Silver Mountain, while guitarist Fredrik Bergengren was in melodic band Time Gallery. On the debut I compared the band to colleagues Angeline, with their cool blend of pure AOR and chunky fat riffs with a seventies touch. Steam opens up at full steam with two outstanding chunky, funky, groovy and riff oriented rockers with Dahlström delivering top-notch vocals. They loose a bit of steam in the next number, but it picks up in power and speed in Breakdown again. Although some of the songs can seem a bit slick, what sets Colorstone apart a bit from your general AOR band is that Fredrik experiments a bit with sounds and effects you’d be more likely to hear on a Robin Trower album. I do wish they would add a bit more balls to some of the songs, such as Fighting For A Cause, which comes across as a bit “safe”. Whereas in the killer track Don’t Just Dream About It, they go all in. There may not be any immediate hits or classic killer tracks, but it’s an even album without any skip-tracks. Highly enjoyable and all in all a great follow-up!
Janne Stark

Label: private release
Year: 2014
Country: Sweden


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