Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MÅRRAN - 3/4 (CD digi)

Sweden’s most productive band? Probably! Since their debut in 2012, they have released three albums plus a couple of singles and EPs. This, their third effort, entitled 3/4 gives you another collection of groove-oriented, seventies tinged, analogue hard rock of the highest order. For those of you who have missed the band, this is where you now find Malmsteen/Norum/Madison/Karma/etc/etc/ect singer Göran Edman. The difference compared to his other works? Well, besides the obvious musical style, Göran here sings in Swedish. Fits him like a glove! The drums are handled by one of the forefathers of Swedish hard rock, Björn Inge, formerly of hard rock pioneers November. Still bringing the same high quality groove and power (well, actually better now than in the seventies). Guitarist Ludwig Larsson is a great bluesy, yet technical and very tasteful player. Keyboard player Max Lorentz fills out every crack and crevice with his fat Hammond organ, joined by bass player Morgan Korsmoe. Opener Vaggvisan (the lullabye) is a chugging, heavy rocker starting off the album in a perfect way. It actually has quite a strong aura of Deep Purple floating over its head. I en annan värld (in a different world) continues the heavy rock ride and it starts out as the band’s strongest effort to date.  Dårarnas hotel (the lunatics’ hotel) brings it down a bit to a cool flowing pace, but with a powerful bridge adding some power to the brew. Karneval av ljus (Carneval of light) is probably the band’s most up-tempo rocker to date. There’s some cool guitar/keyboard riff interaction going on! One thing I love about this band is their quirky playfulness, which shows in songs like Jag och min skugga (Me and my shadow), När du är död (When you are dead) and especially the riffing in Mårrschottis/Så dum (Mårrschottische/so stupid). An outstanding piece of high-class Swedish retro!
Janne Stark

Label: S-Rock Music Production
Year: 2014
Country: Sweden


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