Friday 5 February 2016

BRETT ELLIS BAND – Electrified Live (CD)

American blues rocker Brett Ellis comes alive. Well, he sure as hell rocks it out live! He kicks off at full throttle with Keeping The Rock Alive and he doesn’t look back! Backed up by bass player Rick Nash and drummer Calvin Lakin they are kickin’ asses and taking names! Brett is an outstanding guitarist on his studio albums, but DAMN this cat is on fire live!! His rendition of Hendrix’s Freedom is nothing short of outstanding. 20 In 5 is a cool chunky rocker that actually reminds me a bit of Van Halen’s Little Dreamer in the verse, but there end the similarities. The fat chorus riff is powerful and nice and the song also showcases the talents of Rick and Calvin since they get their solo pieces as well. Brett lands on the heavy side of blues rock, so if you’re into guys like Lance Lopez, Michael Katon, Poppa Chubby and Philip Sayce, check this cat out. You won’t be disappointed!  What I really love about Brett’s guitar playing is that he knows all his blues licks, but he mixes them up with brutal technical licks, some jazzy runs and a variety of other styles making it all into a nice mix of his own, plus his tone and sound is killer. As for Brett’s vocals, they may not live up to his guitar playing. However, like with Gary Moore, Pat Travers, Michael Katon and Hendrix himself, they weren’t great singers, but they had the right attitude, which Brett sure has. Plus, he actually reminds me a bit of Ted Nugent in his early days, which isn’t bad at all (even if I don’t share the Nuge’s… views and Brett is a far better guitar player).
Janne Stark
Year: 2015
Country: USA

Label: Grooveyard Records

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