Friday, 5 February 2016

LARS LIND - Soul Kicker (CD)

One thing I hate is an instrumental guitar album without good songs and with programmed drums. Well, I’m happy to say Lars Lind’s album Soul Kicker is the direct opposite. First of all, John Macaluso on drums, that just can’t go wrong. The bass work is handled by Simon Fitzpatrick and the keyboards by Jan-Fredrik Heider, and these boys do a killer job as well. Furthermore, Lars is a melodic, yet technical, bluesy and very all-round guitarist. I really like his tone and guitar sound, very nice and crunchy, but not overly distorted. The songs are really strong with the right balance between melodic, almost vocal “verses” and shreddy solos. It’s definitely not any “shred for shred’s sake” album, but an enjoyable musical ride. He’s less metal than Joey Tafolla, more rock than Steve Morse, less shreddy than Vinnie Moore, actually more in the vein of fellow Norwegian Mads Eriksen, but a bit better in my opinion. A classy CD, well worth checking out!
Janne Stark
Country: Norway
Year: 2015

Label: Self-released/Shredguy Records

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