Friday, 5 February 2016

RED MORRIS – Lady Rose (CD)

With so many great productions being released every day, average is not enough. Unfortunately stuff like this drowns in the flood of high quality releases being released every day. Releasing a memorable and great instrumental album, is even more difficult. It has to be top notch musicianship, killer sound, no programmed drums and simply, and most importantly – great songs. The opening track Golden Angel starts with quite horrible and simple drums. The melody is simple, but not really interesting and it doesn’t really give me anything. The title track is just more of the same. Very amateurish guitar work and childishly simple melodies, which could, maybe, have been accepted in the 70s (but without sounding 70s), but would even have been below par back then. Mystery is just more of the same, and it really makes me feel this is really a waste of natural resources. There is no refinement whatsoever and it sounds like some beginner’s first project. This is just bad. Sorry.
Janne Stark
Label: self-released
Year: 2015

Country: Italy

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