Wednesday, 4 May 2011

MALISON ROGUE - Malison Rogue (CD)

For some reason I expected this to be another new classic 80s style heavy metal band in the vein of Steelwing, Enforcer etc., but wrong was I. Malison Rogue actually feels more like a bastard child of Iron Maiden and H.E.A.T with a touch of classic Queensryche thrown in for good measure. The band has a great vocalist in Sebastian “Zeb” Jansson. I sometimes hear a bit of Tempest, sometimes a bit of Midnight and a touch of Dickinson in some spots, but the boy does have a voice of is own. With some more recordings under his belt this guy can become one of our top metal singers, no doubt. This is actually a bloody good album, I must say! A positive surprise. The songs are well structured with nice hooks and great arrangements. The mix, by none other than Mats Leven, is ballsy and clear with a great balance. The guitars are definitely in your face but without being overpowering and the bass also finds its spot in the mix showing Petter “Pete Fury” Furå does know how to handle the four string thing. Jonatan Björkborg handles the guitar playing flawlessly with some really nice solos and some great harmony stuff thrown in. The album is however surprisingly short, only eight songs and under 40 minutes. The positive side of it is that you actually want to hear more and there are absolutely no fillers. A new promising act too keep a look out for!
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011
Label: Inner Wound Recordings

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