Sunday, 1 May 2011

SKANSIS - Leaving You (CD)

Not sure what’s up with Switzerland, but for some reason they have found a certain “sound” that you can find in most bands from this country. Just like a lot of Australian bands have their typicalAC/DC stomp feel to their sound, the Swizz have a typical melodic feel you can find as a common thread in bands like Gotthard,Shakra and even Krokus. Add Skansis (if you didn’t already after their debut album). Leaving You is an excellent follow up to the debut showcasing the cool, but still a bit edgy melodic hard rock of this four piece. Singer Reist Reto has the same slightly rough edged vocal touch as Shakra’s Mark Fox or Gotthard’s late Steve Lee. Great mix and an album that just flows. I don’t mind some sharp thorns here and there, but this one works like a charm in the car. Nice work!
Janne Stark
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2011
Label: Escape

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