Friday, 13 May 2011


There’s quite a few really good modern sounding bands popping out of the Swedish woods these days. One new act to definitely check out is Unsolved. They do have some old Alice In Chains moments going on, but the vocal style is totally different and you don’t hear the traditional style depressed harmonies. It’s melodic and all, but at the same time singer Martin is not really in the poppy/neo-punkish style of bands like Hoobastank or Daughtry. He’s got a great versatile voice, showing a great melodic depth in songs like the ballad “You Are Not The One” and the melodic yet heavy “Stay With Me”, at the same time he can rough it up a bit without ever falling into the current growl/screamo-trap, which I really appreciate. Musically they do have a strong streak of Sevendust meets Shinedown with a touch of Tantric here and there, which is great in my book. They do also throw in the occasional guitar solo, which is nice. I also like the fact that there are great riffs, nice guitar arrangements, mixing clean guitars and crunchy heaviness, and not just a lot of chord strumming which gives the songs a nice texture. The song material is actually really great and strong, the mix is great, and with the right backing I think this band could really make it big!
Janne Stark
Label: Ilumnirec
Yeat: 2011
Country: Sweden

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