Sunday, 1 May 2011

SIXX: AM - This IS Gonna Hurt (CD)

Hmmm… this is actually quite good! Not that I didn’t enjoy the first effort by Crüe bass player Nikky Sixx band Sixx:AM, but this exceeded my expectations. Heavy, catchy and groovy! There are the obvious hits such as Are You With Me Now, a melodic pop-oriented heavy rocker in the true Daughtry/Breaking Benjamin-vein with a touch of Adam Lambert to it at times, soft modern ballads Sure Feels Right and Smile and the slightly U2:ish Oh My God (which unfortunately is not really any favourite of mine). As a nice contrast there are heavy crunchy stuff like Live Forever and Deadlihood, still melodic, but way heavier. Another cool, my favourite, track is Goodbye My Friends which sounds like the missing link between Queen and Green Day. It’s great to hear Sixx do something so different from the Crüe stuff, in a way proving he’s quite a diverse composer and actually a pretty good musician. DJ Ashba may sound like a second rate rapper, but he’s a pretty heavy guitar player, too. This band does glue well together and, yepp, they do rock when they put their minds to it!
Janne Stark
Country: USA
Label: Eleven Seven
Year: 2011

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