Wednesday, 10 February 2010

BADMOUTH - Badmouth (CD)

Badmouth is a new Swedish band that boasts having been produced by Paul Sabu. To be completely honest I’m not sure people really know what being/having a real producer means. I’m not gonna put any judgement on these guys, but being a producer means you actually get involved in the process already at the song-writing stage, throughout the recording process, and even keeping the eye on the overall financial situation etc. The CD was recorded by Peter Tuthill and HG Hogström in Stockholm and later MIXED by Paul Sabu. There’s a vast difference between mixing and producing, guys. Quite honestly, as much as I like Paul Sabu’s music, he ain’t that hot a sound engineer. The album sounds decent, but much like any standard rate Swedish garage-metal band. I lack the dynamics, real punch in the drums, the fat bass and the rawness of guitars I feel is needed in this type of music. I lack the punch in the face (musically speaking, that is)! Why he had to copy Lars Ulrich’s horrible snare sound from “St. Anguish” in some of the tracks is a mystery though. The song material is decent, lots of clichés both musically and lyrically, but quite standard and lacks real cow-tippers. Mindless, no nonsense hard rock ‘n roll with a touch of punkish attitude, sleaze if you will, sometimes quite close in style to early Shotgun Messiah, Zan Clan or Nasty Idols, but without the perms and lipstick. Tom Pearson is slightly limited vocally, sounding a bit strained at times, but it works ok. I however can’t really say I’m a fan of Randy Joy’s guitar solos, which often sound quite sloppy and untight. Better stick to what works within your limitations, which worked fine for Ace Frehley. There’s actually one song I really like on the album, and it’s another mystery why they decided to let it end the album, “Supersassy Baby”. Great rock ‘n roller, indeed, with a catchy sleaze-chorus. Gimme another round of beer!
/Janne Stark

Genre: Sleaze
Label: Romulus X
Year: 2009
Country: Sweden
Year: 2008

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