Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Short And Sweet Tips

JOE BONAMASSA - Black Rock (2o10 Provogue)
- If you look up the work "prolific" in a dictionary, you'll find a picture of Joe Bonamassa. What surprises me is that this dude manages to keep such a high standard. Actually, this album contains some of his best and heaviest stuff ever! This is heavy, crunchy blues rock played the right way!

CRAIG ERICKSON - New Earth Blues (2010 Grooveyard Records)
- Craig is one helluva blues rock guitarist. The band manages to produce record after record with high quality material. If you're into cats like Bonamassa, Philip Sayes, Michael Katon etc. Check this out!

HORISONT - TvÄ sidor av horisonten (2009 Crusher)
- A new Swedish band sounding like they had been shaped in the same mould as seventies rockers November and Cactus. Bluesy, riffy and analogue sounding 70s style hard rock! Highly recommended for fans of bands like Granicus, Jukin' Bone, Blackwater Park, Epitaph etc.

C. B MURDOC - Two In One (2009 private)
- OK, this may not be what I generally listen to, but the energy of this band is overwhelming! This is hardcore oriented technical death metal, but with a precision and energy that is mind boggling! Well worth checking out for the broad minded!

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