Wednesday, 10 February 2010

NEONDAZE - Neondaze (CD)

Anyone remember a Swedish band that released a couple of albums in the nineties, called Pole Position? If you do, their guitarist Lars Boquist, a highly underrated one I might add, is now back in action walking the same old path he once created. Neondaze truly sounds like a Pole Position of the new millennium. Stylewise, soundwise and even the new singer Marcus Lundgren sounds very similar to Pole Position vocalist Jonas Blum. Dated? Nope. Some may also remember Lars from his melodic power metal band Reptilian, and even if there are some minor similarities, this is much better in my book. Besides Lars and Marcus, Neondaze consists of Jesper Malm on bass and Hampus Landin on drums. There are some outstanding heavy hitters on this album, such as the slightly Def Leppard-goes-heavy sounding “Livin” with Lars’ guitar slicing the air like a giant razor. Not to forget the subsequent stomper “Stop Crying” and album opener “Intoxicated”, which could be added to the “Highway Soundtrack #1” compilation. However, just like TNT, with whom they also have some similarities, just listen to “Evil In Mind”, there are a few songs that just won’t stick. “Critical Mass” is one I just can’t get a grip of and the ballads “Caroline” and album closer “Oullbemi Vampire” just won’t do it for me. Nice to see Mr Boquist back in action, and great to hear he’s still got the chops. A CD well worth checking out.
/Janne Stark

Genre: Melodi metal
Label: Music Buy mail
Country: Sweden
Year: 2008

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