Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Sometimes I hate trying to label music. Swedish Umeå-based rockers Three Minute Madness is one band I have a hard time describing without using words that may scare some potential listeners away. Ok, it’s modern, it’s quite heavy and it’s melodic. No, there’s no rap and there’s no aggro vocals. I totally love this album. The guys have found a nice mix of modern melodic rock adding little touches of Guns ‘N Roses and even the odd piece that reminds me of later days Europe. The guitar solo in “Open Eyes” definitely has a strong Slash vibe to it. Yes, the album does have classic guitar solos! Here are hints of Foo Fighters, a touch of Creed and a post-grunge touch. They actually remind me of a Swedish band probably no one remembers, called Downstroke. But, never mind the genres and comparisons, this band definitely stands on its own ten legs, strong and proud. Singer Fredrik Norman is one helluva strong part of the bands sound, but without the catchy, well arranged and strong songs he would be singing for deaf ears. This is definitely a band effort where all the pieces fit perfectly together. Great sound, great songs, well played and sung with conviction and feel. So, quit reading this and check out their MySpace to listen for yourself.

/Janne Stark

Genre: Modern melodic hard rock
Label: Mondo Nuevo
Release: 2009
Country: Sweden

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